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"Marketing made by man, for mankind to share."

Man Made Marketing began simply with the vision to capture a brand's story and showcase it to the world. No matter the stage, Man Made Marketing strives to map out a company's dream and goals into a vivid reality through deliberate  branding and content marketing.

Rocky Chan, Founder

About Me

Rocky Chan is a digital marketer and general office manager born in Hong Kong, and currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Having been a student at RED Academy studying in Digital Marketing and Strategy along with Visual Design and Branding, he specializes in content marketing and branding. Through experiences working with companies like Briefed and DrsClinix, Rocky's found his passion for digital media and business management.

Driven by the marketing, communications and leadership, he began to explore different industries learning multiple skill sets as he moved along. In 2016 decided to follow a path in further developing his knowledge for business management and digital marketing by taking on a strong leadership role at DrsClinix. Rocky continues to add value to businesses through creating engaging digital content and valuable business strategies.


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